Road to the Spartan Sprint – Pt 1

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September 18, 2012 by mcastille9

For the last couple of years, I’ve been telling myself that I’m going to get in shape.  I’ve purchased P90X, Insanity, got a gym membership, and tried dieting, all to no avail.  Then one day it hit me, the one thing I was missing was a goal.  No don’t get me wrong, I realize that losing a certain number of pounds is also a goal, but I mean a goal with an end date.  Whenever we go on vacation, my girlfriend has a goal to get in shape so she can rock a bikini on the beach.  That seems like the only time she’s really serious about her grind and she gets it done every time.  So with that said, one of my friends found this obstacle course race called Spartan Race.  Apparently, it’s the most difficult obstacle course race out there today.  The one we decided to do is the Spartan Sprint in Charlotte, NC.  In short, it’s a 5k race with 15+ obstacles like cargo nets, barbed wire crawl, rope climbs, etc.  Now this is a goal that I can aspire to and obtain with some dedicate training. Here is some video footage of a previous race.

The race we are going to participate in is in March, which gives me 6 months to prepare (I’ll need every second considering that I can’t run 5k now with no obstacles).  So to add to the accountability factor, I’m going to chronicle my training for the Spartan Sprint from now until race day.  I’ll detail everything from my diet, training regimen, progress, and pics.

Join me on my journey to be a Spartan…A Roo!!!

(If you don’t get the “A Roo”, watch the movie 300…lol)


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